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From:Cynthia Favara


I have done some processing and cutting of whole mouse heads. This is from
my experience and others may have a different opinion. 

I have found it unnecessary to decalcify up to  14 days post partum if the
lower jaw is removed.

I have taken the head and fixed for 24-48 hours. Skin and remove the lower
jaw. If you need the external ear this may be a problem. I make an incision
from the nose to the back of the neck and using the ears pull the skin from
the skull. Carefully remove the lower jaw replace fixative and leave for
48-72 additional house.

I have processed by hand on a rotator with good success using 70%, 80%,
95%x2, 100%x2, Propar x3, paraffin x4. I run through the processor for
paraffins. Leave in 70% overnight rotating and then 30-45 minutes in all
other stations. 

Hope this is helpful good luck - this is the type of thing I dearly love to
do! Please feel free to contact me if you have other questions.


Cynthia Favara
903 South 4th Street
Hamilton, MT 59840

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From: Patti Loykasek []
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Subject: Mouse sectioning

I have a question about processing and sectioning mouse tissue. We have been
asked about processing, embedding, and sectioning day old mouse heads. We
will need to have the eye and ear in the same plane. I would like some input
on fixation times, decal or no decal, processing schedules, paraffin
preferences, and any other insights anyone would like to share. Thank you
for the help, as always.

Patti Loykasek
Phenopath Laboratories
Seattle, WA

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