RE: Hirshsprung's bx's billing question

From:David Slinger

I agree with Hazel.  A rectal biopsy is an 88305 regardless if you cut
100 sections looking for ganglion cells.  If you do a lot of rectal
biopsies for Hirshsprung's disease, look at what you are charging for an
88305, possibly it needs to be adjusted to cover the overall expense
(look at yearly workload totals).

Children's Minneapolis/St.Paul

>>> "Horn, Hazel V"  11/27/02 08:52AM >>>
You can not bill per slide.   Billing is based on each specimen type. 
specimen types are listed in the CPT code book.

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> I was wondering how other labs are billing for these biopsy cases if
> multiple slides full of levels are cut. Can you bill for more than
> slide? I don't do the billing here but I was just wondering what the
> consensus was. I was also wondering if there was a specific legal
> to this question. Any info? Thanks
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