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Another cause of brain bubbles is too many years working for the NHS.  In a
scientific study published recently it was conclusively shown that NHS
workers had 40% more bubbles than Galician goat herders.  Some NHS Trusts
are now importing Pyrenean mountain goats.  Staff will herd these at break
times in an effort to reduce bubbling.  The Association for the Advancement
of British Goats is very unhappy about this.  A spokesman said "These goats
are not bred to British standards and may be a fire risk".  He may have a
point, after all what is the point of removing toasters and adding goats?

I'm now off to a three hour "meeting from hell"

Apologies to Dilbert.

Andy Shand  

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Too long in 70% alcohol causes vacuoloation in the white matter. Keep the
time down to the minimum in your processing schedules and never store
nervous tissue in 70% prior to processing into wax.
Rita Russell.

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