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From:Cynthia Favara

As previously mentioned GFAP works well in FFPE tissue I have used DAKO on
humans, mouse, rat, mink, and ferret. If my small bubbly brain is up to
snuff GFAP is not expressed on all astrocytes. It is strongly positive in
most TSE diseases. I have been successful in increasing the sensitivity by
employing various antigen retrieval techniques [ may not be a politically
correct statement] but will not stain all astrocytes present.

Oh yes it is Friday and I am having more that one moment!!!

Hoppe you have a good weekend!

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Subject: Astrocytes-Special stain

Hello Histonetters,
Does anyone know of a special stain for astrocytes.  This would be 
for paraffin embedded brain.
I know of Cajal's stain, but unfortunately it is for frozen sections.
Thanks much,
Jo Dee
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