OT By way of apology...

From:"Montague, Donna C"

To my friends and colleagues on the histonet:
Due to a devastating fire in my laboratory on September 5th just past, my life has been totally disrupted. We've just recently gotten our replacement computers into our temporary lab space. Therefore, if I've been tardy responding or you feel you've been ignored, I sincerely apologize. The contractors are busily trying to repair our lab but it will be after the new year before we can move back into our own space. What happened? Isopentane vapour exploded when it filled the freezer in which it was stored. Presumably, a spark from the freezer compressor ignited the vapour. Our lab was engulfed in flames and totally destroyed. Luckily this happened at 4:00 am. Please continue to be patient with me as I attempt to be in several places at once all the while trying to conduct research activities.
Kindest regards,
Donna Montague
Center for Orthopaedic Research, UAMS Medical Center
Little Rock, AR, USA

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