From:"Van Eyck, Deb"

Reply to cell block question from

Tony is right on, the thrombin clot method has been around but it works
quite well.  Richard-Allan Scientific has a fairly new methodology out
called Histo-Gel which uses a technique similar to the thrombin clot, but
you get all the components from them - the gel and the cooling block,etc.
you liquify the gel and add to your cell button, then place on the cooling
block and firm it up. Works pretty well encasing your cyto sediment, etc in
a gel based button.  Just have to get everyone used to working with it and
the only problem come in ------when you have a scant cellblock- the tiny
pieces are not allways on the same level throughout the gel block making
visualization of fragments difficult when cutting and picking up on the
water bath.  Some things like fna cores or large tissue fragments are still
better placed closely together on the same level in the fine mesh screens or
the small biopsy bags.

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