From:Barbara Stancel

Dear Rudy,

Many, many years ago, in my first histology job, I sectioned frozen thoraxes 
of domestic houseflies (pesticide localization studies). The hardest part 
was getting the little buggers oriented! I practiced on about 20 or 30 
before finding a technique that worked for me. I kept the tissue on dry ice 
and the cryostat temperature at about -20. I don't remember problems 
sectioning through the frozen cuticle. And best I can remember, I serial 
sectioned each thorax putting all of the sections from one fly on a big ole 
glass 3"x 3" slide(no frosted end).

My advice: practice with some spare mosquitoes and vary your temperature 
until your technique is comfortable for you and satisfies your researcher. 
Best of luck!

Histologically yours,
Barbara H. Stancel, HTL(ASCP)HT
USDA, FSIS, OPHS, Eastern Laboratory, Pathology
RRC, 950 College Station Road
Athens, Georgia  30604
phone: (706) 546-3556
fax: (706) 546-3589

From: "Salcedo, Rudy" 
To: "''" 
Subject: FW: mosquitoes
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 08:13:07 -0600


I have an investigator that would like for me to section frozen mosquitoes 
any suggestions would be appreciated.

Rudy Salcedo

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