autofluorescence PMMA bone samples need more information

From:Gayle Callis

Need more information about your PMMA samples.  Are these fluorochrome
labeled bone?  ie. tetracycline or similar compound? Obviously you mention
thin ie microtomed PMMA sections but is PMMA removed and Immunostaining
done OR working with fluorochrome labels for osteoid?  His photos show some
autofluorescence, but the work was wonderful.

Noel Clark wrote two excellent articles on fluorochrome labeled bone in J
of Histotechnology, June 2002 Vol 25, No.2.  Contact him at to discuss your problems.  Working with PMMA
directly labeled with tetracycline or another compound (incorporated in the
ostoid) is a bit different than working with immunofluorescent labeled
antibody and paraffin sections.  I think he will be able to help you 

You wrote: 

I work in a bone lab with undecalcified specimens embedded in MMA. We have
recently experienced autofluorescence in our
unstained samples (thin sections), which interferes with our analysis. Has
anyone else experienced this? What is the cause, and
how can it be eliminated?
Thanks for your help.
C. Washer
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