Squamous epithelial cells in lung tissue.

From:Bill Sinai

Dear All,
For the last twenty years we have been using Harold Attwood's Method for Amniotic Fluid Embolism.  Now we find that Alcian green is unavailable.  In the past we were able to make do with a mix of Alcian Blue and Alcian Yellow at pH 2.5.  Now we find that mixing these two dyes simply causes them to form a gel like mixture which does not stain (almost colloidal).
Does anyone have any idea of where I might be able to obtain Alcian Green or a dye we can use as a substitute in this stain.
Alcian Blue  or Alcian Yellow alone  is too strong a colour to allow the squamous cells to be seen as they are usually very pale pink.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Many thanks
Bill Sinai
Laboratory Manager
Tissue Pathology
P.O. Box 533
Wentworthville NSW 2145
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