Re: "require" or "desire" fume hood for special stains?

From:Lesley Weston

If the stains, special or otherwise, include a clearing and mounting stage,
and also if they include deparaffinisation, then xylene or its almost
equally toxic substitutes are involved. So a hood is essential, however
loudly the financial department objects. When I first started doing EM,
years ago, I asked for use of a hood for the osmium stage. I was told by the
department's administrator that I could just wear goggles, and then I would
be safe.

Lesley Weston.

on 13/11/2002 8:34 AM, Morken, Tim at wrote:

> We're having a discussion as to whether using a fume hood for special stains
> should be required or only desired (ie, personal choice). I know many
> histolabs do not have fume hoods and do specials on the open bench but if a
> fume hood is available, should it be used? It seems the regulatory agencies
> are mute on this question as far as I can tell. Personally I think all
> specials should be done in a hood.
> Tim Morken
> CDC, Atlanta

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