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From:Elizabeth Chlipala

on 11/7/02 6:56 AM, DiCarlo, Margaret at MDiCarlo@KaleidaHealth.Org wrote:

> Histonetters,
> I work in an orthopedics bone lab and am trying different paraffins to
> infiltrate and embed in to be able to cut good sections.   I am currently
> using Fisher' paraplast x-tra.  I tried using Richard-Allan's Type 9 and I
> am having problems.  I manually  process  large pieces of bone that are
> about 5 mm. in thickness and fit on a 5" x 7'' slide. I should mention I
> clear with xylene.  Can anyone recommend a paraffin  that would make cutting
> bone sections easier?
> I would appreciate your help.
> Peggy DiCarlo HT (ASCP)
> Buffalo General Hospital

We process lots of decalcified bone here and we use paraplast extra to embed
and infiltrate in regular paraplast.  What types of problems are you having?
We have processed sections that are about 3 mm in thickness without any

Liz Chlipala

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