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We currently recycle alcohol, xylene and clear-rite.  You cannot recycle alcohol contaminated with xylene, but with our system we are able to recycle xylene and clear-rite contaminated with paraffin.  It is not very time consuming, but very frustrating when the end product is contaminated . . . not the fault of the instrument, but the person dumping the reagents into the waste collection carboy.  We don't seem to have any problems with the quality or recycled versus fresh, and the savings are wonderful. 

>>> Laurie Colbert <> 11/12/02 02:07PM >>>
We are looking into a recycler for alcohol, xylene, and formalin. How do current users of recyclers feel about their unit? Is the quality really as good as new reagent? I understand you can't recycle alcohol contaminated with xylene. Are you able to recycle xylene contaminated with paraffin? Does the recycling process really require little tech time or do you find it more time-consuming than you would want it to be? Thanks for your feedback.

Laurie Colbert

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