Re: Qualifications

From:Laurie Colbert


I have experienced the same thing as you.  I have phlebotomists and other personnel who want to just come into Histology and "become a histotech."  Now if you have the right person (and the time) it is possible to train someone who has no previous experience.  However, I take great pride in what I do and work very hard to produce quality work.  I also have the ability to troubleshoot problems.  I think I finally made my point to my lab manager when I told her it would be like teaching me to become a nurse.  Sure, someone could teach me how to take vitals, give shots, administer medication, etc. etc., but I wouldn't really understand the theory and background of all of this and I wouldn't really possess the knowledge that I should have to be performing these duties.  My manager agreed with me and the topic has not come up again.

Laurie Colbert

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