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<< I have been cutting paraffin
 blocks happily for 4 years on my Reichert Autocut microtome using
 Reichert-Jung high profile model 818 disposable blades. Now the large
 reserve of these left by some long gone predecessor is getting low and I
 am having trouble finding a replacement. >>


Reichert became part of Leica Microsystems a few years ago.  The Model 818 
disposable high profile blade and the 819 low profile blades are still 
manufactured and still available, but the boxes now carry the Leica logo.

Contact your local Leica rep or dealership to inquire about the blades.  If 
you need additional contact information, just send me a message off-list.  

The 800 number for Leica Customer Service in the USA is 800-248-0123.  This 
number may not work across the border, but you can also reach them by calling 


Bob Chiovetti

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