Re: IHC Artifact

From:Brent Norris


I have had past experiences where the lab recieved specimens from surgery or dr.'s office stuck to the little white pads that they like to put the specimens on, and they were dried out and floating above the fixative, stiff as a board. Since your not using biopsy pads, does surgery?

Like Vinnie said it looks more consistent with some sort pad or gauze, something that has a distinct pattern.

Brent A. Norris

>Subject: IHC Artifact
>Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 08:38:18 -0600
>Thanks for all the good ideas and just what the artifact may be.
>Just for your information, we do not use biopsy sponges. We always use lens paper.
>I'm leaning toward the idea that it may be the adhesive slides (in one way or another)
>Thanks again,
>Laura Bliven
>Marshfield Laboratories

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