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DAPI in VECTASHIELD, from Vector is for DNA, one can also get this as
VECTASHIELD with propidium iodide. Go to VECTOR website and check out their
pictures, also visit with Craig Pow, tech services for more info on
unfixed, post fixation etc.  

Yes, it can be used on unfixed tissues, since it specifically binds to DNA
in cells (I don't think one should get it on your skin!) and DAPI was used
on unfixed bacteria in another lab on our campus with success.  They
postfixed with formalin.  

DAPI is a blue color, PI is red, so if it contrasts with FluoroJade B I
presume green ie jade in the name, so PI might be better to use. (who sells
Fluorojade B?  Molecular Probes?? if from latter, ask their tech services,
they are superb with advice) As for post fixation, paraformaldehyde can be
used.  Frozen sections fixed with acetone has been used for DAPI staining
but not sure what acetone would do to FluoroJade B.  

There are staining protocols using DAPI, not in the media, very simple to
use, and discussed on Histonet before, check the archives and also in the

Good luck

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