I hear both of you:
however i have compenent techs(all of them thank god)
but not all are productive , we evenly distribute numbers of blocks , and types of cases, my guys who are productive cut everything in 3 to 3.5 hrs, my non-productive techs take 4 to 5
hrs, for the same type and number of cases, they were also removed from IHC and asked to perform temps, re-cuts , and filing, yet the nonproductive can't manage to get some stuff done or sometimes any of it done,and the other techs pick up the slack. To top it all off they have all been here the same length of time, are the same age(not that that matters) and quite honestly the non productive work quality is equal to the productive, I have had multiple conversations with these techs who are non productive, have put it on evaluations, and have asked them to pursue possibly a time management course(i will pay for) so if you can find an answer to how to motivate, manage and succeed at getting people to perform their tasks
efficiently and effectively, please let me know.

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