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From:"Georger, Mary"

Most  intraocular lens are made of a high impact plastic that dissolve quite
nicely in Chloroform. I used to process the eyes by hand up to clearing,
dissolve the lens in Chloroform and then put them on the processor for the
rest of the run from Xylene through paraffin.
Perhaps your friendly Ophthalmology clinic can give you a few to try. Good

Mary Georger
Center for Cardiovascular Research
University of Rochester Medical Center
KMRB Room 2-9816
601 Elmwood Avenue.
PO Box 679
Rochester, New York  14642

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> From: 	Lu Leach
> Sent: 	Monday, November 11, 2002 12:11 PM
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> Subject: 	lens
> Histonetters,
> Could anyone advise me on dissolving a surgically implanted lens? I have 
> one to practice on before starting the real study, I'd appreciate any 
> suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Lu Leach

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