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From:"Dawson, Glen"

The only RAS I've ever worked with is Recombinant c-H-ras p21, Clone:
NCC-RAS-001 from DAKO.  I've never heard of a K-Ras.
Good Luck,
Glen Dawson

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A pathologist requested a special stain called K-ras..Asked me to call
around to see who does it.Impath said they are not ,or the stain is
not,approved can do.Called Mayo...never heard of it..Help me out
guys!...Impath does have a RAS...Its an oncogene...the requesting Path said
it was an oncogene....I called him back and said no luck on the  K-ras..He
said forget it then.I said there is a RAS...He said I never heard of
it..forget it.
Do any of you do a K-Ras and is a RAS the same thing?

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