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Hello again.  I want to thank everyone who responded to this question,
wasn't ready for so many responses!  Anyway, at this point in time, I've
decided to compromise with the gentleman concerning # of sections.  My main
concern deals with individual lab protocols.  in this lab we have written
procedures and protocols all the way down to the number of sections on
slides (needle bx's 3-5 sections).  This has been approved by our fulltime
pathologist and chief.  We as histotechs are expected to adapt to a labs
protocol and procedures when starting a new position, whether it's temporary
or fulltime permanent.  Why have protocols in place if any temporary person
can come in and ignore them?  We also trim excess paraffin from around the
tissue before sectioning (another written protocol).  To circumvent our
written procedures for this gentleman I have temporarily (pending approval
of FT pathologist) added an exception to the written procedure for locum
tenens people.  I spend alot of time updating and revising our procedure
manuals and it seems to be a massive waste of time if they're just in the
lab to satisfy the inspectors. 
I noticed in most of the responses that individual lab protocol was cited as
the reasoning behind the actions, and I agree.  Thank you to all!

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Subject: biopsy specimens & sections

Good morning Histonetters;  I am curious how many labs out there may have a
limit to the number of sections placed on a slide, mainly for small biopsy
specimens.  Currently we do 3 slides (3 levels, one level per slide) per bx
block.  This is a small rural hospital, we cut anywhere from 10 to 70 blocks
a day; some days are rushed, others not (one tech on morning duty).  this is
not a question of the histotech being overworked, rather a question of --"do
we have an overworked pathologist?"  Generally, for prostate biopsies, we
usually give 3-5 sections/slide.  Our temporary locum tenens path. has asked
for 1 section/slide for biopsy cases.  Any feedback here is appreciated.
Personally, i feel a disservice is being done here to the patient, if I give
in to this.  Thank you.

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