RE: Veteran's Day

From:David Anderson

Americans are far from alone in expressing such sentiments, "God save the 
Queen" being a case in point. The flag of Saudi Arabia carries the 
declaration "There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is His prophet." Nations 
and individuals alike, throught history, have asked for the blessing of one 
deity or another. As a wise man said thousands of years ago, "There is 
nothing new under the sun."
David Anderson
Providence Health Center
Waco, TX

>From: Andrew Partain 
>To: Melissa Jensen ,
>Subject: RE: Veteran's Day
>Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 08:47:08 -0800
>I know this is a forum that mainly entails questions of a histological
>nature, however I have seen a lot of personalization and real character
>throughout many of your correspondences.  Not being remotely knowledgeable
>of many of your technical discussions, I hesitate in questioning many
>histological terms and procedures.  However, I find many of the discussions
>to be very informative, when they can be understood.  Sometimes I even find
>some amusement in some of your postings and interaction.  I have recently
>found a discussion that I can perhaps take part in; simply because it 
>like I would possibly directly affected by its consequences, simply because
>of my citizenry.  It is also hoped that you will all have the patience to
>read through a non-traditional/histological text, and can hopefully
>understand my intent is to also gathering some basic information for 
>My two cents worth of input stems from the statement put forth by a fellow
>colleague(s) stating iGod Bless Americai.  Now again, my intent is not to
>take one forum and veer it off into a random tangent, and definitely not to
>trivialize the time many veterans have put into military service, or the 
>set aside to observe their sacrifices.  However, I find this time and place
>better than any other to ask what one means when they state iGod Bless
>Americai?  Sure, this statement may be as second-nature to a conversation 
>blessing you during a sneeze, but should it not be understood if it is
>wished upon a country or a people and if it follows set guidelines applied
>to the laws of language and dictum?  Or is it simply understood for its
>traditional value, and should not be questioned as to its constructs and
>intentions.  For that matter is it culturally taboo for me to even question
>the statement and its logic and validity?   Never-the-less, I find this
>forum to be as good as any other in really questioning what this statement
>entails since it does sound political, theological and geo-centric in
>First off, does this statement prove the point that church and state are
>still and always will be one entity; and if so, what consequences exist if
>they are.  Also, what validity does this statement hold at face value if 
>of us are perhaps Muslim, Buddhist, Agnostic, Atheist,  etc.  Will this
>blessing perhaps be lowered in desired effect for this reason?  Is it
>directly proportional to those that either want blessings or for that token
>if think we can and should have it?  Or, is the statement put forth to
>simply invoke a feeling that only some of us can part-take in 
>There is also the question that if iGod blesses Americai does that count 
>every other country in the Americas, or for that matter  the world?  Is 
>blessing exclusive, or is the hope that only those people within our 
>can be blessed.  For example, is it possible to share or barter with these
>blessings?  For another example, can a gentlemen perhaps cross the border
>from Mexico, be blessed and then take it back to his family in Mexico City?
>I wonder if perhaps it may even be in manis best interest to have God bless
>everyone; even those that may not even have a sovereign country that they
>pledge allegiance to, like nomads, sailors and gypsies.  How many blessings
>are there to go around, and are we taking these blessings from someone 
>Should we hope we are blessed if the toll either domestically or
>internationally is of a grave nature, or even of a detrimental outcome?
>Even further, what would this blessing act entail for those that donit
>understand the nature of the God doing the blessing?   Would only those 
>a Judeo/Christian background realize they are being blessed?  What are the
>main characteristics and facets of ea blessingi?   Historically-speaking, 
>it the same blessings  that every other country and civilization has hoped
>for and have sadly either failed at attaining or being granted?  Finally,
>since iGodis blessingsi are perhaps associated with notions of
>militarization, are they solely attained through militarization?
>Perhaps I am just simply unaware to the system and mechanization of iGodis
>blessingsi, but again, I find this time appropriate to ask the question
>since it sounds like it affects both myself and my fellow man.  Thanks in
>advance for any feed-back and I hope you all understand these questions are
>not malevolent in motive nor a trivialization of one's sentiments posted on
>the Histonet.   However, the question still lies as to what is meant by a
>humble yet perplexing statement?
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> >
> > I did not receive this post from the histonet site.I read Joes
> > reply..I wish
> > to thank all of you and your families for your service to our 
> > the freedom you have preserved.
> >   God Bless America
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> > From: "JOE NOCITO" 
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> >
> >
> > > it was an honor to serve with people like you Charles
> > >
> > > Joe Nocito, BS, HT (ASCP) QIHC,
> > > USAF, Ret, E6
> > > Histology Manager
> > > Pathology Reference Lab
> > > San Antonio, Texas
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> > > From: "Charles.Embrey" 
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> > > Subject: Veteran's Day
> > >
> > >
> > > > To all my military and former military friends on histonet,
> > > >   Thanks for your hard work and sacrifice.  Happy Veteran's
> > Day and God
> > > > bless America!
> > > >
> > > > Charles R. Embrey Jr. TSGT, USAF (RET), PA(AAPA), HT(ASCP)
> > > > Histology Manager
> > > > Carle Clinic, Urbana Illinois
> > > >
> > > >
> > >
> > >
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