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We do not do immuno stains here (we are a small hospital), but I am glad to
know the problems that you are having with the pens. I will file this away
in my brain for further reference. You are right that it does sometimes take
longer than 30-45 seconds to dry. I make my slides out the day before for
our specimens and leave them in flats overnight. Even when I need to make
new slides at the time I need them, I usually just let them site for a short
period of time. 

I called the company to let them know that I was not having much success
with using the pens to label the cassettes. They really appreciated the
feedback and will be addressing the problem. As with most things new to the
market, there will be problems but I feel that they may eventually get the
problems fixed. But for us, the pens are a Histotechs answered prayer. I
have not had any problems with "bleeding" when I do any of our special
stains (so far). 

Thank you for sharing your problems with these pens. It is great to gain
knowledge about new products from people who are using the products. 

Have a Great Histo Day,

Diane C. Gladney, HT (ASCP)
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I just tried this new pen, a sample accessed at NSH convention, greatly
appreciated and thanks to the vendor!!

However, even with longer drying time than 30 - 45 seconds (they recommend
60 sec, did longer here) and after reading their lengthy explanation on how
to use the pen with all the variables (slides, etc, etc, etc - mine were
Plus Charge)  I loved the way this pen didn't dry out


During the IHC procedure, black ink oozed (visibly!) into buffer over my
sections druing immunostaining of both 60C oven dried paraffin sections AND
acetone/alcohol fixed frozen sections using buffer/diluents with Tween 20.
Ho hum, worrisome black ink contamination over my immunostained sections
with potential?? interference of staining by the ink drove me back to
Secureline pens (or "See how fast they dry out this time Brand'!, Sorry!
breaking my own rule about bashing here). You could see black ink on
KIMWIPE after blotting buffer from edge of section and also watch it ooze
away from label end.   

They are on the right track for pen improvement, but my pen is sidetracked
indefinitely until ------- After reading their instruction sheet, I might
gather they had seen similar problems with all their warnings/how to's/what
to use, etc.  I hope they get 'ink ooze' problem corrected. 


 At 03:22 PM 11/14/02 -0500, you wrote:
>I use "Pathology Specialists Lab Pen" from Pacific Southwest Lab Equipment.
>They have a fine tip that will not dry out very easily. You must allow the
>ink to dry for about 30-45 seconds or so before touching the frosting or
>ink will smear. I love these pens. They are so much better than the Secure
>Line Markers. You can even use them on smooth glass! I tried to use them on
>our plastic cassettes with moderate success so I keep the Secure Line
>Markers for the cassettes. The ink is solvent resistant. Once you try them,
>I don't think that you will want to use anything else. My pens last for
>months before I have to get a new one. I have left the cap off for an hour
>or more and they still write.
>Here is the company info:
>Pacific Southwest Lab Equipment, Inc.
>1497 Poinsettia Avenue, Suite 157
>Vista, CA 92083
>Phone: 760-295-1842
>Catalog Number:  308-05-9  Packaged 10 per box.
>I think that Fisher is going to start being a vendor for them, but I'm not
>sure when. I need to talk with my Fisher Rep. when I see him again. 
>These pens were introduced at the NSH Convention in 2001 in Charlotte. I'm
>sure other Histo people on this list server that attended the convention
>that year may remember these pens. I hope that you give these pens a try.
>you will email me your address, I will be glad to send you a couple of pens
>to try.
>Have a Great Histo Day,
>Diane C. Gladney, HT (ASCP)
>Histology Supervisor
>Moncrief Army Community Hospital
>P.O. BOX 484
>4500 Stuart Ave.
>FT. Jackson, SC 29229
>(803) 751-2530
>DSN 734-2530
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>Subject: Slide markers
>Greetings form NH,
>What solvent resistant markers do you use to write accession numbers etc.
>your superfrost slides?  We are currently using Securline Superfrost
>II which dry up very quickly. Just curious if anyone has found something
>that lasts longer but still has a fine tip?
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