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From:Gary Gill

My first impression is that the nuclear pallor does not exist in reality,
but appears so because of the intense eosin staining, which overshadows the
nuclear staining.  The nature of the GI epithelium may be responsible.

Suggest looking at hematoxylin stained sections after bluing, but before
eosin is applied, to see whether hematoxylin staining is of relatively equal
optical density throughout.  If yes, then cut back on the eosin staining.
If not, then punt.

Gary Gill

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Hi histonetters,

Our lab is having a problem. Our doctors have been noticing that the H&E 
stain slides of some of the GI biopsies have uneven (poor) nuclear staining.

We use a closed processing system and we clear with xylene. I have not
any condensation nor contamination on the inside of the lid nor the
I can not figure out what is going on. I have attached, with compliments of
pathologist, a H&E slide.
It has only been notice with GI's and not with any other specimen.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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