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From:"Baldridge, Lee Ann"

I now use DurAedge high profile blades.
Closest I can find to the original. Don't have the order info handy but I'm sure someone has it.
Lee Ann Baldridge

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From: Sarka Lhotak []
Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 10:11 AM
Subject: Microtome disposable high profile blades

Hello Netters,
	I work in a small research lab. I have been cutting paraffin
blocks happily for 4 years on my Reichert Autocut microtome using
Reichert-Jung high profile model 818 disposable blades. Now the large
reserve of these left by some long gone predecessor is getting low and I
am having trouble finding a replacement. We do not have the low profile
knife holder. I have been sent a trial blades 02123 MB-1000 from Surgipath
and H-DMB-AO Cat # 63062-01 from EM Sciences. Both of these cut poorly,
with considerable compression, nothing like our old blades.
	Could anyone help me? Which blades would be closest to our old
Thanks a lot,

Sarka Lhotak
Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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