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While it is true that true collusion is difficult to prove, an institution
can suffer losses simply by being sued, even if the suit is frivolous. The
legal costs simply to deal with it are huge. What would it take for an
instituion to "prove" it had not colluded if it was well known (say via
histonet) that a lab employee was "asking" others about what they charge?
Lawyers get rich on things like that. It is far better for any institution
to do real cost studies and set their prices accordingly (and have the
documentation to prove it) than to send lab techs or managers out to "ask"
about what others charge. Setting charges is the job of the bean counters,
not the lab mangers.  

Tim Morken

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    I am getting very tired of both friendly warnings and outright threats
about "collusion" in the setting of lab fees. People need to look up
collusion in the dictionary or better still, consult an attorney. While you
are at it, find out what "restraint of trade" is. You can get sued for that,
too. Setting lab fees based on what others charge is NOT collusion. All of
the grocery stores in my neighborhood charge about the same for a gallon of
milk. That does not mean they are in collusion.


"Morken, Tim" wrote:

> Just a friendly warning: Asking other labs about their rates and setting
> rates according to what other labs tell you they charge can be considered
> collusion by people looking for someone to sue!
> Tim Morken
> Atlanta
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>      Can anyone share the going rate for a Tech service only charge for
>      Dermatology clients; 3 levels, H&E only.
>      Thanks
>      Ronnie Houston
>      Regional Histology Operations Manager
>      Bon Secours HealthPartners Laboratories
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