RE: IHC Artifact

From:"Dresser, Karen"

It certainly is a bizarre effect!

Have you done an H&E on that block? Does that same artifact
show up there? If you use a different kind of slide for your
H&E's (non-coated, or non- charged) it may look fine if the
slides were the problem. If the artifact is still there, it
probably is in the tissue itself.

Just some more thoughts....

-- Karen Dresser
Research Histotechnician
Pathology Dept.
UMass Medical School

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Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 9:38 AM
Subject: IHC Artifact

Thanks for all the good ideas and just what the artifact may be. 

Just for your information, we do not use biopsy sponges.  We always use lens

I'm leaning toward the idea that it may be the adhesive slides (in one way
or another)

Thanks again,
Laura Bliven
Marshfield Laboratories

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