RE: B + T cell markers

From:Jenny Oblander

Hi Barb,
	Have you had any problems with macrophage staining with the B220?
Thanks Jenny

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Pharmingen CD45R/B220 is a good  antibody for Bcells and DAKO CD3 is a good
antibody for Tcells on FFPE mouse tissues.  If you would like the protocols
please let me know.

Barb Wright
Genentech, Inc

Jenny Oblander wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
>         I am looking for a good B+T cell antibody. It will be used on FFPE
> mouse lung. If anyone has had good results, could you share the
> clone,company and procedure. Thanks in advance, Jenny
> J.Oblander, HT (A.S.C.P.)
> Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation MS#32
> 825 NE 13th St.
> Okc,Ok 73104
> 405-271-7534

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