Paraffin Help Appreciated!!

From:Vinnie Della Speranza

I need to compile a complete list of paraffins used in the United States
Whenever compiling a list of this type there is always a risk of leaving something out by omission.
if you are aware of, or use a paraffin not listed below, please contact me with the vendor source and proprietary name of the product.
Thanks much for your assistance
Paraffin vendors/product listing

Allegiance Ameraffin
Allegiance Ameraffin LP
Fisher Tissue Prep
Fisher Tissue Prep 2
Fisher Ribbon Pro
Paraplast plus
Paraplast X-tra
PolySciences Polyfin
Raymond Lamb  Lambwax
Raymond Lamb  Pure Paraffin Wax
Raymond Lamb RALWax
Raymond Lamb PhysioWax
Richard Allen Scientific Type 1
Richard Allen Scientific Type 3
Richard Allen Scientific  Type 6
Richard Allen Scientific Type 9
Shandon Precision Cut
Surgipath Infiltration Medium
Surgipath Formula "R"
Surgipath Blue Ribbon
Surgipath EM-400 embedding medium
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