staining dishes

    Hello Histonetters,

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    I am in search for some of the glass staining dishes that will work with 
the older staining racks that hold 25/30 slides.  I was wondering if anyone 
had any in storage that wanted  to get rid of them.  
    I have looked in some of the product books and it looks as if the ones 
being sold know accomodates racks that hold 20 slides.   I did not want to 
have to change my set up if I didn't have too. So I thought that I would turn 
to the histonet for some help.  If anyone has any that they would like to get 
rid you can notify me either at the e-mail address above or at the e-mail 
address and/or telephone# listed below:  Thanks!!!!




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