Re Performance indicators

From:Clarke Ian

Hi All,
I would like to thank all who took part in the above and was interested in
many of the views sent to me.I work in Cytology as well and find that
everything I do in that part of my job is scrutinised down to doting the i's
and stroking the t's.The object of my query was not to treat people like
robots and explain every second of their time,but was to try and find a
mechanism to determine poor performance which could be recorded. The idea
was to get a range of figures which people could attain such as those found
in Cytology. the type of thing I thought could look something like,
Mount 60 gynae slides    P3 - 20 minutes, P2- 35 minutes ,P1- 50
minutes,were P = Performance Indicator.Someone with 3 weeks experience would
probably be at P1 and someone with 3 months onwards experience would reach
P3.These are only example figures.As long as the individuals were around the
respective figure no action would be taken .

Thanks again for the replies.
Ian Clarke

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