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What about "restless leg syndrome"? This would also affect one's 
sleep and possible induce the tossing and turning.
Don't know much about it other than our physiology department 
has been looking for volunteers - apparently it is more common 
than one thinks. 

Louise Renton

On 21 Nov 01, at 19:04, wrote:

> Trisha Emry writes:
> >>I am having a very difficult time with sleep. I get restless to the
> >>extreme 
> and can't stop tossing and turning. I use a bipap machine, but this
> developed long after I got it. What kind of doctor would one consult
> for this? Sleep Disorder Clinics are in the Pulmonary Department. With
> my bipap, pulmonary is not the problem.<<
> Sleap apnea affects at least 2% of people, including my wife, who has
> had marvelous results with a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure
> - bipap is a fancier version) machine for about two years now. 
> Our experience has been that there are a lot of incompetents and
> quick-buck artists in this rapidly growing field, and it's really
> difficult to find a good sleep lab. My wife probably won't go back to
> the one she got her CPAP from - her internist keeps up with the
> problem meanwhile. But I would advise getting expert advice, and be
> prepared to be unhappy with at least one lab.
> Bob Richmond
> Samurai Pathologist
> Knoxville TN

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