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From:Rose Richardson

>From what I have been seeing on this topic lately, I wonder if fibromyalgia
could be the cause of some of the problems.  Since we all have more or less
exposure to chemicals during our career, the likelyhood of immune
system/rheumatological problems increases.  I was having fatuige, poor
sleeping and aches and pains in the morning.  My doctor has diagnosed
osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.  We ran blood tests for rhematoid factors,
canadensis and mycoplasma infections (the latter two thought to be factors
in rheumatological disorders).  My rhematoid factors were high, negative on
mycoplasma, positive on canadensis.  Her treatment protocol is to put the
patient on the "yeast diet": no dairy, wheat or sugar along with oral
nystatin. My sleep has much improved, along with the muscle aches and
tiredness, still have the OA however.
If anyone is interested, I have the links to the company that does the
specialized blood work.  Hope that this might help someone.

Rose Richardson
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From: "Janay Zeck" 
Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2001 3:37 PM
Subject: Re: sleep depravation

> No Bruce, you're not alone.  I spent 3 months on disability with a
> diagnosis of "severe exhaustion".  My shift changed to earlier hours
> about every six to eight months for over 6 years, and every time I went
> on vacation my sleep pattern would revert to the one I felt most
> comfortable with.  I changed my sleeping habits to match what I was most
> comfortable with naturally, which was going to bed pretty early in the
> evening.  Now, I may be in bed some nights before my nine year old's
> bedtime, but I'm the only one at work not looking exhausted in the
> morning!
> Janay Zeck, HTL (ASCP)
> Schenectady Family Health Services
> On Wed, 21 Nov 2001 13:30:44 -0600 Bruce Gapinski
>  writes:
> > Do any of my fellow Histologists suffer from sleep depravation? I
> > find that
> > the older I get the harder it is to switch to an earlier shift. I
> > get
> > something we've dubbed 2nd day syndrome. It's not the first day
> > waking up 1
> > or 2 hrs earlier but the second day. I feel ill, and cranky. I'll
> > bet it's
> > akin to jet lag.
> > It's to the point that I truly hate covering for anyone on
> > vacation.
> > Furthermore, do you wake up early on your days off? I find it
> > difficult to
> > get on "regular" hours except when I take my 3 week vacation. By the
> > end I'm
> > much better shape. I think more clearly and I feel really good. Is
> > this job
> > killing me?  Sleep is important, and I'll bet I'm not alone. How do
> > you
> > cope?
> > Respectfully,
> > Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)
> >
> >

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