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Hi Debbie,
There is a website for the J of Histotechnology
but unfortunately they do not have online access to their journals. You 
can order back issues, according to the website, for $15 US dollars an 
issue. Most libraries though will have an inter-library request system 
where you can order older journal articles which other libraries have 
but your library doesn't. The same applies to the Histochemistry 
Journal. These journal make their money by subscriptions and page 
charges. Some journals offer online access but rates are the same as for 
delivery of a hard copy of the journal. Sometimes if you are a member of 
the society which publishes the journal they will provide you with 
access to their journals but it depends solely on the journal.
As a footnote, the journal search engine PubMed
has a link directly on the page when an abstract is found where the 
journal is online. It even states if the journal article is free or not.

Phillip Huff
FBN Dummerstorf

Debbie Pepperal wrote:

> Hi histonetters
> I have two journal queries:
> Is there a website for the J of Histotechnology?
> the article I am looking for is: Feldman AT: 1996, 18, 289-290; The new
> goal: blurry nuclei and hazy cytoplasm? 
> The other journal is the Histochemistry Journal....I have quite a few
> articles that I am interested in.
> Thank you in advance
> Zenobia Haffajee
> Zenobia Haffajee
> Anatomical Pathology 
> HAPS John Hunter Hospital
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