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From:Mikael Niku

We are working in a basic research project using quite
a wide range of antibodies for bovine tissues. We routinely
prepare most tissue samples in three different fixatives:
routine paraformaldehyde fixation, carnoy's fixative and
simply 100% ethanol. Ethanol fixative is performed by first keeping
the tissue samples in 100% ethanol for a few hours at +4C,
then transferring the (small) container to -20C, fixing
there for 4 days, then processing for routine paraffin

There of course are the common ethanol fixation problems,
but immunohistochemistry works generally pretty well.
That is, I'd say most of our antibodies work without
any special pretreatments. These include both membrane
and cytoplasmic antigens. I can provide a more comprehensive
list if necessary - but as it's bovine specific it's probably
not of direct use.

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Subject: help for IHC and alcoholic fixation

> Hi Histonetters,
> we are trying an alcohol-based fixative and we have some problems with
> Some time ago in Histonet there were a message concerning these problems.
> remember that it was written that the only problem that they had was about
> Unfortunately, I've lost the address!!
> May someone help me?
> Thanks
> Claudio
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