Re: fibrin stain

From:Barbara Stancel

Dear Jill,

The Frazer Lendrum stain can be found on page 81 of the AFIP, 3rd edition 
(small green one).  We have a call for the FL stain several times a month.  
It is a very colorful!  Following the FL in the AFIP book, is the 
Ayoub-Shklar for Keratin and Prekeratin.  Unfamiliar to a lot of folks, it 
also is colorful and useful for finding chicken gizzard hidden in a ground 
beef or pork product.

I'm also faxing a copy.

Histologically yours,

Barbara H. Stancel, HTL(ASCP)HT
USDA, FSIS, OPHS, Eastern Laboratory, Pathology
RRC, 950 College Station Road
Athens, Georgia  30604
phone: (706) 546-3556
fax: (706) 546-3589

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