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From:Rose Richardson

Dear Bruce,
Now the rest of the story!
Our new temp suite will need to contain: offices, histo labs and a molecular
biology lab. Sort of trying to fit a quart in a pint jug.  I was asking
about fume hoods and was told we have three.  When I saw that two are
laminar flow biological hoods, I knew we were in trouble.  I am looking at
some ductless type fume control to purchase and hope not to have too much
trouble from the hierarchy.  We will be in the basement, where the
construction people will be passing by with all the noise and dust they can
make.  I just hope that since the state's budget is in the red they will not
leave us their longer than the stated two years.

And so it goes will us all.

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From: "Bruce Gapinski" 
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Subject: RE: control of dust in lab

> Oh my! I thought I was the only supervisor whose' lab is moving
> I am moving on Dec. 15th to an absolutely God-awful temp suite. Dust? Try
> black walls (old X-ray suite) one two plug power outlet and carpet where
> we'll be cutting! Enough w/ my problems!
> Try a dust remover from Sharper Image (if you can get your docs to
> approve it). Otherwise, I'm going in w/ a damp cloth.
> Did I mention they found asbestos in the "new permanent" suite?
> That'll push move in back!
> Respectfully,
> Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)
> PS Keep your sense of humor, if you can.
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> Subject: control of dust in lab
> Hello all,
> We are moving to a temporary facility until our labs are
> remodeled. The
> place where we are moving has a lot of dust in the air and I
> am concerned
> that it will play havoc with our  sections. So do you think
> a HEPA filter
> might help us out or does anyone have other suggestions?
> Rose Richardson

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