Re: control of dust in lab

From:nina leek


Yes, a good filter will help, although I don't know if you need to go to a
HEPA one.  We had a big problem with dust (and with pollen in the Spring and
Summer) where I last worked, and we eventually traced it to the set-up of
the ventilation system.  Because we used solvents (shock! horror!), the
ventilation system had been set up to provide 90% new air (only 10% was
recycled).  This not only meant that a lot of dust &c. was sucked in to
overwhelm the filters, along with the fresh air, but in Winter, it got very
fresh inside, because the heating could not keep up.  We finally persuaded
the powers-that-be to reduce the new air mix, and found that there was less
dust, and the filters lasted longer than about 10 days.
Try discussing the situation with the maintenance engineers, they may be
able to help.

Good luck,

Adrian Leek.

Rose Richardson wrote:

> Hello all,
> We are moving to a temporary facility until our labs are remodeled. The
> place where we are moving has a lot of dust in the air and I am concerned
> that it will play havoc with our  sections. So do you think a HEPA filter
> might help us out or does anyone have other suggestions?
> Rose Richardson

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