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From:Lee & Peggy Wenk

1. ffpe = formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded.

2. Any lab that does liver series would probably have the
Rhodanine stain in it's procedure manual.

NOTE: This is rhodaNine, with an "n", NOT rhodaMine
with an "m". Rhodanine demonstrates copper as red
dots in the cytoplasm of cells loaded with copper, such
as liver from a patient with Wilson's disease. Rhodamine
is a fluorescent dye used with auramine to demonstrate
acid fast bacteria.

Additional note: This stain is NOT specific for copper.
It will also demonstrate a few other metals. However, most
of the other metals are usually not in a high enough
concentration in the body, so most pathologists, when they
see the red dots, assume copper. As far as I know, there
is no stain out there specific for copper. Rubeanic acid also
demonstrates copper, but also demonstrates these other

3. Your signature does not say your last name, or where you
are located. That would be helpful for people in your area who
would be willing to respond to your request.

Let me know at work, and I can email you the procedure
if interested. It's a simple stain. It's 1 hour in a 60 degree C.
oven with a 10 second hematoxylin counterstain. Or 30 seconds
in a microwave oven, allowed to set on the counter for 5 minutes,
and then the light hematoxylin counterstain. The trick is finding a
copper-positive control.

4. If you can't find a lab in your area, our department does
do the rhodanine procedure. Contact our office at 248/551-9060,
and ask how to send slides for a referral.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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> Noreen Gilman asks:
> >>I need to get a copper stain on ffpe tissue. Does anyone know what
> reference lab does this? This is a request from the clinician and we feel
> obligated to fulfill his request.<<
> What's "ffpe tissue"? - Be careful of abbreviations on Histonet - they
> frequently baffle people! Folks on Histonet are from all over the world,
> do many different kinds of histology. (I did catch "TIA" - not "Transient
> Ischemic Attack" I suppose!)
> If this is liver tissue from a patient being worked up for Wilson's
> or another disorder of copper metabolism, then you need to get a
> copper determination done on the paraffin block, not a stain. The only
> reference lab I know of that offers this test is Mayo Medical
> They offer tests for tissue levels of several metals, mostly commonly
> also aluminum.
> Bob Richmond
> Samurai Pathologist
> Knoxville TN

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