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From:Connie McManus

The stuff you put in your dishwasher to keep your dishes spot-free is
essentially the same thing as photo-flow (Jet-Dry or any of those
products).  But if you reeeeaaaly insist on having photo-flow, go to a
photographic supply (see below for websites).  If all else fails, use a
diluted solution of tween 20.  Since I have never used this for a
surfactant in my waterbath, I don't know what it will do to sections.
Experiment with it and see if you like it IF you go with this.   I use 100
mL 95% ETOH in 1800 mL DI water in my waterbath and it works great. (they have the very best products in
photography)  (located in Canada) (Located in San Jose, CA.  They don't
list products online, but have a toll free number to call)

Connie McManus

At 11:26 AM 11/19/01 -0500, Cornett, Lorraine D wrote:
>We have used Photo Flow (a couple of drops in each water bath) to break the
>surface tension on the water.  We have just been informed our local carrier
>no longer has this product.
>Are there other products on the market we can use for this?
>Or, does someone know where we can order Photo Flow direct.
>Thanks so much,
>Lorraine Cornett HT (ASCP)
>Blue Ridge Pathology Consultants, PC

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