Re: Online journal help


I have yet to come across a journal that accepts video clips on their 
web page but I have seen instances of references, in the text of an 
article, to video clips on a personal web page. If you, or your 
department, has a web page, a video clip should not be hard to add on. 
Simply reference the particular webpage, with the clip, in the text of 
the article. Just as long as you don't plan to change the web page, I 
believe most journals should accept such a link. This allows you the 
opportunity to add better, or longer, clips while ensuring that the clip 
is also working.

Sorry I couldn't help further,
Phillip Huff
FBN Dummerstorf

gaydm wrote:

> We are trying to locate a journal in the medical or cellular fields with an 
> online version that accepts videoclips.  Thank you in advance for your help.
> D. Mark Gay
> UNC Wilmington

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