Re: IHC Qualification Exam


Degrees are not required for taking the QIHC, the only requirement is that you
have worked doing IHC for a year I believe.  I would like to invite you and them
to join the NSH IHCRG by going to and filling out the membership
forms.  We could then help you with control tissues and ASCP forms, etc.

"Turriago, Adriana" wrote:

> Dear Patty,
> I have 3 people under me who would like to take the IHC
> qualification/certification test.  Could you provide me with some
> information/application/material for them.  Their background are: histology
> in one case, IHC by job training but no college degree in another case, and
> the third one, she has a college degree in biology and some training in IHC.
> Are there any requirements they need to fulfill before they become eligible
> to take the test?
> Thank you so much for your help and hope to hear from you soon,
> Adriana
> Adriana Turriago, MT (ASCP)
> Laboratory Manager
> Assay Development
> Chromavision Medical Systems
> (949) 443-3373 Ext. 279

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