From:Rose Richardson

Pretreat the sections with 3M guanidine hydrochloride in dH20 for 3-5
minutes as a subsititue for the formic acid which is harsh on the mouse
brain. Attached is the protocol that we used for studies with transgenic
mice.  The hydrolytic autoclave method gave very consistant results with
antibodies to beta amyloid.

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Sent: Saturday, November 17, 2001 4:15 PM
Subject: IHC

> I am looking for controls slides for IHC on animal tissues, mainly rat and
> mouse.
> Does anyone have extra blocks or slides that they would like to share or
> there
> a reliable source to purchase such controls? I am currently trying to
> amyloid antibodies for Alzheimer's.  I would also appreciate any hints,
> protocol or procedures that anyone with experience working on animal
> may want to share.
>  Thanks in advance.
> Lin

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