Re: ICD-9 coding

Janay Zeck, HTL(ASCP) at Schenectady [NY] Family Health Services asks:

>>Does anyone out there have a good listing of ICD-9 codes for Dermpath and 
Gyn specimens? Mine is pretty pathetic, as I discovered when I was looking 
for a simple code for a benign fibroepitehlial polyp... I didn't even have 
one specifically for benign neoplasia of skin!<<

You need a full ICD-9 coding book (such as the St. Anthony book), which 
managers are often reluctant to buy for mere pathologists and 
histotechnologists. Lists made up by amateur coders aren't much help.

ICD-9 codes (International Classification of Disease, 9th ed.) are weird and 
often do not correspond to North American diagnostic style. You really need 
to work with someone who knows how to do them - preferably a professional 

Many insurers, including Medicare, require ICD-9 coding of diagnoses before 
they'll pay, and there are a lot of tricks to increase the likelihood of 
payment. I'm ICD-9 coding for a locum tenens client this week, for the first 
time in a good many years. It's an excellent way to take up the pathologist's 

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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