Re: Formula needed

From:nina leek


Benedict's solution is (?was) used as a test for reducing sugars, as was
Tollen's Reagent.
Benedict's involves copper ions chelated with citrate, but I no longer
have a recipe  -  I updated my textbooks, and lost it.  You might find it
doing a websearch with Google, or John Kiernan may come to your rescue.
Good luck,
Adrian Leek.

Adrian Biesecker wrote:

> Hello all!
> I have a customer that is looking for the formula for Benedict's
> solution?  I have never heard of this and cannot find it in our chem.
> Data base.  If anyone knows the formula, I would really appreciate it!!
> Thanks.
> Adrian Biesecker
> BBC Biochemical
> (800) 635-4477 x13

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