From:Connie McManus

I work in a veterinary facility and we wear special overalls rather than
scrubs when working in the necropsy room.  The blood and other body fluids,
fecal material, etc that come from animal or humans is enough to warrant
scrubs and special clothing.  The added hazard of infectious agents should
clinch the matter.  No one wants to take a chance on contaminating their
personal clothes with this stuff, much less tracking it home.  I don't
believe lab coats or gowns is enough, it's just better to have your
employer provide scrubs, overalls, whatever for use only in necropsying or
doing autopsies.  Penny pinchers cause more expense than if they would just
do the right thing to begin with!!

Connie McManus

At 10:06 AM 11/30/01 -0800, King, Mary Ann wrote:
>I was wondering if I could get some feedback from anyone as to what your
hospital policies are concerning appropriate protective attire when
assisting with autopsy procedures. Our hospital currently does not feel the
pathology department should be issued hospital scrubs but should instead
wear impermeable gowns or lab coats over the employee's clothing.  I
disagree. I feel that with the potential for exposure to various infectious
diseases, we should not have to wear anything that we would have to take
home and launder. I am curious as to what other institutions are doing.
Thank you.
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