Re: Abbreviations are for FUN Only

From:"Monson, Frederick C."

	There are times when I w8 for someone to supply something that is
jfyi and useful, but usually I just elevate my eyes and feign a lhu all,
because it's jmo that sfaiaa we are all sot and sry for it, so we resort to
abbreviations in order to conserve space and reduce our bandwith and to
demonstrate our ability to manage our sprechen.  Whew!  Bticbw. Or, dycwic?

Now I think this should be the eom and the eod of this matter.  

Wir shultigen lichten uppen und haben ein fewen kalten oder warmen bieren
forgottness saken! 


sprechen mit economishliklishe --- 

wsluuhefkowbfs! or in Englishishe, wsluahafcowbfs!

Regardsen ftbomh,


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