RE: sleep depravation

From:Bruce Gapinski

I forgot about that. I'll be 48 in December. Oldtimers I guess. Bruce

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		No Bruce, coffee and chocolate make up the 5th food group.
My mother said
		as you get older if is harder to sleep and I hate to admit
she is right.  As
		to your question about waking up on days off, YES, I do and
I hate it.  I
		can't even sleep in anymore.  I find now I sleep an average
of about six or
		seven hours tops.  Longer than that and I just dose and wake
up.  It can't
		really be age can it?  Pam Marcum

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		> NO COFFEE? I thought it was the 5th food group!? Bruce
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		> 		Make sure that you get plenty of vitamins,
drink alot of
		> xylene and stay
		> 		away from coffee.(grin)
		> 		Brad
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		> 		Do any of my fellow Histologists suffer from
		> depravation? I find that
		> 		the older I get the harder it is to switch
to an earlier
		> shift. I get
		> 		something we've dubbed 2nd day syndrome.
It's not the first
		> day waking up 1
		> 		or 2 hrs earlier but the second day. I feel
ill, and cranky.
		> I'll bet it's
		> 		akin to jet lag.
		> 		It's to the point that I truly hate covering
for anyone on
		> vacation.
		> 		Furthermore, do you wake up early on your
days off? I find
		> it difficult to
		> 		get on "regular" hours except when I take my
3 week
		> vacation. By the end I'm
		> 		much better shape. I think more clearly and
I feel really
		> good. Is this job
		> 		killing me?  Sleep is important, and I'll
bet I'm not alone.
		> How do you
		> 		cope?
		> 		Respectfully,
		> 		Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)

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