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From:"Morken, Tim"

What is this "sleep" and "vacation" you talk about?

Working on Turkey Day, on anthrax cases. It IS a new world!

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Do any of my fellow Histologists suffer from sleep depravation? I find that
the older I get the harder it is to switch to an earlier shift. I get
something we've dubbed 2nd day syndrome. It's not the first day waking up 1
or 2 hrs earlier but the second day. I feel ill, and cranky. I'll bet it's
akin to jet lag. 
It's to the point that I truly hate covering for anyone on vacation.
Furthermore, do you wake up early on your days off? I find it difficult to
get on "regular" hours except when I take my 3 week vacation. By the end I'm
much better shape. I think more clearly and I feel really good. Is this job
killing me?  Sleep is important, and I'll bet I'm not alone. How do you
Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)

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