RE: markers for arteries or veins

From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Hi Judy,

	Without some notion of what criteria you wish to apply to a
distinction and what instrumentation you have, it is difficult to make a
suggestion.  However, as I am interested in applying confocal to vascular
analysis in the urinary bladder, I can recommend a reasonable starting point
if you haven't already consulted it.

	I suggest that you refer to:

	Methods in Enzymology, vol. 307 (1999), Conn, P.M.(Ed.), Academic
Press, ISBN:  0-12-182208-7
	Chapter 15, "Measurement of Vascular Remodeling by Confocal
Microscopy", Arribas, SM, Daly, CJ and McGrath, IC.

Available for more discussion,

Fred Monson

Frederick C. Monson, PhD 
Center for Advanced Scientific Imaging(CASI) 
West Chester University of Pennsylvania 
Schmucker Science Center II  
South Church Street                                                    
West Chester, PA, 19383

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> From: 	Judy Trogadis
> Sent: 	Wednesday, November 28, 2001 10:02 AM
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> Subject: 	markers for arteries or veins
> We are interested in differentiating between arteries and veins in the
> adult rat pulmonary vasculature. Are there specific markers or antibodies
> we could use? A variety of plant lectins exists which label endothelial
> cells but the literature is confusing about their specificities. They may
> also preferentially stain only certain organs. 
> We are perfusing the rats, and cutting thick sections (~100 microns) on a
> vibratome for confocal microscopy. So staining could be carried out either
> at the time of perfusion or later, with the sections. A fluorescent marker
> is required for the confocal technique. 
> I look forward to any suggestions.
> Thank you
> Judy
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