RE: Performance indicators.

From:Bruce Gapinski

With all due respect, two things come to mind. 1) Maybe you could teach the
slow HT how to save (not waste) time. The speedy HT could have some input.
2) Speed is only a temporary time saver if you need to go back and make
recuts. I'll take a quality slide over 12 sloppy slides any time. Very
speedy techs are known to cut through a needle biopsy. All the time saved
will not bring it back. I worry for the patient, after all isn't that what
this is all about?
I'm sure you lab does quality work too. 
Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)

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		Subject:	Re: Performance indicators.

		While I agree that it isn't a good idea to "stopwatch" your
techs, some 
		guidelines are necessary to maintain a level of fairness in
the lab. If not 
		- what do you do if you have one tech who takes 2 hours to
cut 100 blocks vs 
		one who takes 6 hours for the same amount?  Then - what do
you do with the 
		tech that's finished 4 hours earlier?  Is it fair to make
them complete more 
		tasks just because they're faster?
		Is it fair to expect that much less from the other tech just
because they're 

		Here, I think we've achieved a good balance.  All of the
work is divided 
		evenly - at such a level that each tech should comfortably
be able to 
		complete their workload without any undue stress. Those that
work too fast 
		have learned to slow down to improve quality - and those
that were 
		previously too slow have learned time-saving techniques to
improve their 

		While we don't time workload here on an hourly basis (we
expect a certain 
		level of work completed at the end of each day), on average
the performance 
		level expected in this lab is as follows. Mind you, this is
with a wide 
		variety of specimen types,sizes, fixation levels - from
numerous, tiny 
		well-fixed biopsy specimens to huge unfixed nightmare

		Embed 100 blocks:  1 hour
		Trim 50 blocks:  30 to 45 minutes
		Cut 30 blocks: 30 to 45 minutes
		File 100 histology slides: if in order - 1/2 hour if not - 1

		Pap smears - we don't do here :)

		Hope this helps.

		Louri Caldwell
		College of Veterinary Medicine
		University of Georgia
		Athens, Georgia 30602

		>From: Clarke Ian 
		>To: histonet 
		>Subject: Performance indicators.
		>Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 17:54:04 +0000
		>I am interested in trying to assess a performance level for
some of the
		>standard procedures in a Histology and Cytology
laboratory.These include ,
		>embedding,trimming,cutting and mounting of slides.I thus
would like to
		>survey what other people think is realistic and doing in
		>How long to:
		>Embed 100 blocks
		>Trim 50 blocks
		>Cut 30 blocks
		>Mount 60 PAP smears
		>Mount 60 Histology slides
		>File 100 Pap Smears
		>and  File 100 Histology slides.
		>I will post the results afterwards.
		>Ian Clarke

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